Monday, March 23, 2009

Camping in Springville

Camped underneath the stately cottonwood tree
Covered with new buds and awaiting spring
Splotches of sunshine fell on the meadow grass
While we pitched our tent
The hills were covered with the purple of lupines
Yellow mustard and white forget-me-nots
Spotting the occasional wild turkey
The river chilly from the snow melt
Mario catches a bass
When he cleaned it he found a live crawdad inside
The redbud trees were blooming
Tiny heart shaped leaves were just sprouting
The archers wandered up to the hills
To look for ground squirrels and things to plink at
The sound of hammer on metal ringing through the air
From the blacksmith's workshop
We had two spring days and one winter day
The pelting rain soaking our tent and canopy
While we rushed to pack up and head back to the city
My clothes and shoes soaked from slogging through the mud and rain
Powdery snow now dusting the hilltops
As we waved goodbye to old friends and new

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