Friday, September 29, 2006

Poetic Muse

I just don't have many readers on blogger, so I've started posting some of my poetry over here too.

Sunday, July 30, 2006



I miss the beauty of Central California
I long for the green rolling hills in the springtime that are sprinkled with grazing cows
I need to walk along Spooner’s Cove and feel the tumbled pebbles beneath my feet
To take a little harbor cruise on Tiger’s Folly past where the great blue herons nest
High up in the tallest grove of trees
I need to wade in the sand and feel for clams with my toes along Pismo Beach
I want to take long deep breaths of salty air by Morro Rock
And watch the kayaks gliding through the water near the sandbar
I want to experience the monarch migration that stops in Arroyo Grande
And see thousands of monarchs hanging like autumn leaves up in the eucalyptus trees
I even miss the cheesy farmer’s market in downtown San Luis Obispo every Thursday night
I still haven’t made it out to the Nipomo Dunes and we never did find the Indian caves
There is always more to explore
I miss the whales I spotted off of the Cayucos pier
And I am sad that I never took the time to paint in Mission Plaza
I will have to remedy that some day

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Power of Woman

The Power of Woman

We will not be suppressed
You can take away our homes
You can take away our children
You can cut us till we bleed
And beat us till our bones break
And still
We will have the innate power of creation
You can suppress us, repress us and depress us
But we will still be the light of the world
We the wives and lovers and mothers and sisters and daughters will take back the earth
We will tend nature’s garden
And raise orphans and the children born of rape
To do that we must learn not to be financially or emotionally or physically dependent on men
We must take back the night and our power
We are the moon pulling the tides of change
We are the Goddess within and the Goddess without


Frog in pond. Happy.
Frog hops away from crane beak.
Frog in road. Flat.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Blessing to my Friends

Blessing to all my friends
May you wake up happier than you went to sleep.

May this rain wash away all your pain and cleanse your soul.

Just for today, be as pure as the snow.

May your immune system be as strong as an oak, but as flexible as a willow.

May your possessions be fewer but your joy greater.

For right now, practice being on your own side.

If love is a battlefield, may you be a nurse.

Some people get pleasure from seeing others in pain.

Try not to be one of them.

We all have nuts on our family tree.

May you learn to love all your family while you still have a family to love.

I came, I saw, I loved.

Radiate love.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Juggling in January

Juggling in January

My only audience members are noisy and enthusiastic
All dressed in black, they caw at me from the tall elms
I stay on the soft moist grass
A soft place to drop my red crystal ball
(It’s really acrylic but in my fantasy it is crystal).
I’m not quite mesmerizing
As I fumble it time and time again
Sometimes dropping it where it lands with a juicy plop on the wet grass.
But just often enough I see a little progress to keep me going
Like a gambler addicted to poker
I’m sure the next time will go smoother.

I switch to three shiny pins
There I find a little more comfort
And old safe trick that I know well
I put them through their paces like trained ponies in a circus
I try not to dwell on the tricks I’m not flexible enough to do anymore

I spot a bee trying to crawl into my red soda can
It gets annoyed when I try to cover the can with my water bottle
I note that there is plenty of flat concrete for unicycle riding
Maybe someday I’ll get another one-wheeled wonder
I move into the sun
Away from the bee

I spot two beautiful orange trees and flashback to my college days
When I used to juggle oranges outside the cafeteria with other jugglers
Until my hands were soaked with orange juice and we were all laughing like maniacs.

The bee is gone
I peer carefully into the can to make sure
I take a sip and then I open a granola bar
The bee lands on the can
I quickly cover it with the water bottle
But I don’t quite get it lined up right, leaving a bee sized opening into the can
The bee uses it as a door and crawls in
I wait
The bee doesn’t come out
I peek in
I see the bee awash in the soda
I slowly pour the soda onto the ground
I set the can sideways on the brick wall
The disgruntled bee crawls out
It parks on the can to dry its wings
I decide its time to go home so I start to pack my equipment up
I reach to grab the little white box for the contact juggling ball
Just in time I see the bee is sitting on the box
Cleaning the sticky soda off its wings
I swish it away one last time; quickly stuff everything into my purple gear bag
And hot foot it to my truck before the bee decides to come home with me.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Rules of the Road

I'm not sure when I wrote this. I found it in a box of old papers just now:

Rules of the Road

Feed your inner child
Wear something that doesn't match
Be all you are today
Invent your own holiday
Give yourself an award
Sooth yourself
Dress like royalty
Sing yourself to sleep
Record your poetry
Sleep with a crystal in your hand
Change jewelry
Polish your knick-knacks
Run to the mailbox and back
Be whole
Read nursery rhymes
Send an unbirthday gift
Dance by candlelight
Write a play
Spin till you are dizzy
Wear ribbons or flowers in your hair