Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More Than Words

The whole universe lives in the library

Countries real and imaginary

Peoples mundane and unusual

All the food you could ever hope to consume in a lifetime

And you

I found you in the stacks on the third floor between botany and calligraphy

You seemed charming in your threadbare skirts

And tattered scarf

Your thick black rimmed cat's eyed glasses perched on your nose

You were fondling the spine of a book

Running your long fingertip from top to bottom

Then you gently pushed it back into line with the other books

And headed down the stairs

When I could no longer see the top of your head

I sidled over to have a look

"How to Build a Romantic Arboretum

Creating a garden that is as beautiful as you are."

I checked out the book to remind me of you

"Did you get anything good at the library?" my wife asked me.

"Just a book on gardening."

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