Sunday, July 30, 2006



I miss the beauty of Central California
I long for the green rolling hills in the springtime that are sprinkled with grazing cows
I need to walk along Spooner’s Cove and feel the tumbled pebbles beneath my feet
To take a little harbor cruise on Tiger’s Folly past where the great blue herons nest
High up in the tallest grove of trees
I need to wade in the sand and feel for clams with my toes along Pismo Beach
I want to take long deep breaths of salty air by Morro Rock
And watch the kayaks gliding through the water near the sandbar
I want to experience the monarch migration that stops in Arroyo Grande
And see thousands of monarchs hanging like autumn leaves up in the eucalyptus trees
I even miss the cheesy farmer’s market in downtown San Luis Obispo every Thursday night
I still haven’t made it out to the Nipomo Dunes and we never did find the Indian caves
There is always more to explore
I miss the whales I spotted off of the Cayucos pier
And I am sad that I never took the time to paint in Mission Plaza
I will have to remedy that some day

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