Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Midnight in Autumn

My lover slips in through my window

Carrying naught but a lantern

He comments on how the flickering flame

Makes my eyes sparkle like sapphires

He runs his fingers over the lace on my chemise

His voice breathy and hoarse

His fingers still icy from the night air

The frost melting in his eyebrows and beard

My dear Tatiana he moans

It seems like a fortnight since we have kissed

He lays his thick cloak upon the wheaten rushes

And there we lay side by side

Not saying much but drinking each other in

He sits to unbraid my long hair

Unwinding one strand at a time

Unwinding my resistance one thread at a time

He wraps his fingers behind my neck

And kisses me hard

A sudden rapping upon the wooden door

I scramble to my feet to answer it

I slide open the bolt and turn to my lover

All I see is the open window and the curtains flapping

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