Friday, February 11, 2005

The Slumber of Before

The Slumber of Before

A trusting heart can sleep anywhere
Without a care or worry
A soul with no malice or grief
No rush to wake
Sweet dreams partake
The stars will never hurry
Your brow so smooth
So free of care
So softly do you snore
Curled up in your quilted bed
Upon the sandman’s shore

So many years of life I’ve lived
Through many trials I’ve toiled
Through ills and wars in plenty
And politics embroiled

But as I watch you sleep
I realize there is something that I lost
Something so precious I cannot calculate the cost
I need to figure out just how
To leave my troubles at the door
Going to see if I can find my way back
To the slumber of before.

Fayme Harper
Copyright 2005

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